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Comments here! Get your comments!

I have added comments section down below on all posts. I am not using the normal wordpress comments and log in but instead using facebook. Its just easier for me that way. If you...


Dream #00F457F3W

Introduction: watched fast and furious 6 at the last showing last night it is most likely the reason for the dream being that I am not me but instead a dangerous bad ass. Dream...


Dream #00WH4TW3D

Micheal and myself are on a trip to a remote destination. We arrive and are there for a reason; for an important job. We get our island stylish straw hats and Hawaii shirts on then move out....


Kindle Error

In the midst of Mobile Device Management not a lot of devices have a great solution yet. Managing a boat load of Kindles can be a bit easier using Amazon’s own whispercast. Check out...


Upgrading To IE9 Using Switches

If you want to install IE9 with special conditions, you can do it through command line switches. For example I am using a agent called KACE to run the executable for IE9 and I...


I like useful gadgets

I do appreciate people sending gadgets to us for doing our job. This is a nice addition to tools.

The drive is as you have seen is a 500 GB, USB 3.0, and is a small factor holding a nice 2.5″ drive inside.