016-313 Restart Printer & Contact Support

The Dell printer error 016-313 Restart Printer & Contact Support is a quick fix as I have found. The 016-313 error as I could find was a network error (the 3xx). As the printer that was having the error wasn’t connected to the network but rather the USB I started checking out the normal components.

First, I thought that maybe the printer had somehow been set to be used only on the network. No settings said so and USB printing seemed fine.

Next, I tried a nice and quick restart on both printer and computer sides. Still didn’t seem to work. At random occasions the printer still throws a 016-313 error.

Lastly, what seems to have worked so far, is to just uninstall anything tied to the printer and re install the thing. This could be as simple as uninstalling drivers then plugging it back in. The computer should automatically find the drivers and install when you plug in.


This is what some pro’s said about the issue (and is the best advanced troubleshooting):

1.Try a firmware update.

2. if not 1, reseat controller card.

3. if not 1 or 2, replace controller card

Lastly if not anything else, replace the Machine Control Unit.

P.S. I would not however bother with any of the advanced issues if it is under warranty. Call the company or do a online chat session and have them troubleshoot with you. You may just end up with a new printer!


Advanced Troubleshooting can get costly replacing those parts can sometimes be up to 3/4 what the cost of the machine is.

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