81.0180 EIO 1 Error on Printer

First of all this error can show on printers as 81.0180 EIO1 or something similar in name. The Error that I saw this come out of was on a HP LaserJet 4650. This error can also happen to other name branded printers that accept External Input/Output (EIO) Cards such as a Dell printer with a HP JetDirect network card.

The Problem here is either the EIO card or the port that the card is in. This can be as simple as doing a power down restart. Other methods to fix this error is to try the card in a different EIO cardslot. Sometimes the controller card can stop working and changing slots can be a fix. If those dont work it is most likely the EIO card has gone bad and will need a replacement. If you try another known good card in the machine the controller card may be bad and will likely be the same cost to replace that card as replacing the entire printer (if nothing is left on warranties).

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