Basic “no video” Troubleshooting

When your monitor or projector pops up and has a message like “Entering power save mode”, “no signal found”, “no signal”, “no source”, or “no source detected” you need some help. Hopefully that help is as simple as being able to do it yourself with a little help.

This is a great little tutorial showing different setup that are normally used in an educational setting and what may be wrong before calling for help.
So this is Setup #1

Splitter setup1

This is a somewhat simple set up. The computer is in an environment that requires anything that you do on a computer to be displayed at 2 places. To do that a splitter or video card in the desktop is needed. For most the external splitter is the best option(most common).

So in one situation whenever the computer isn’t showing on the monitor and the projector it is most likely that there is a problem at the splitter (as long as the desktop is showing all the normal lights and not making unusual sounds). Check all cables leading to the splitter. Press firmly on each connection as sometimes looks are deceiving. Did you check for a power cord too? It is looked over very often as these devices are external they need their own power supply but can be sleek and sometimes missed.

If either projector or monitor is not displaying it may cables again but another option is that the wrong “source” is selected to be displayed. Normally on the monitor there is a button that will be labeled source press it to select different options and see if that brings up the correct source. Note: sometimes the source button is a symbol so check manufacturer for what their source symbol looks like.


Here is another setup:

Splitter setup2

Here all that is added is a document camera such as Avervision or Epson. This setup will have all the same trouble shooting steps as above except when just the projector isnt displaying.
In that case something is most likely wrong around the document camera. The document camera is also external device so watch for those power cords. The document cameras have their own IN and OUT ports just like the splitter. Sometimes when moved around they may be plugged in backwards so make sure they are going the correct direction. Also, some models are considered switches where the doc cam switches between itself and the signal going IN to it. Make sure that the correct signal is selected.

If you followed this to a T then your IT or technician  should be called to help out. Too many times valuable time is wasted in frustration that is not needed as it can be as simple as this small tutorial. And if none of this helped, yeah, you do need someone else to take a look per suggestion of real IT guy that deals with these everyday.

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