Dell printer 200 paper jam error

Here is a quick look into a error that was popping up on a dell 1720.

On Dell’s site the printer manual says that it was a paper jam around the toner cartridge’s%20Guide_en-us.pdf.

This however was not the case. I went through the normal steps. Checked pathway. Clear of paper. Checked web access to printer. Gives code 200. Next Dell tells me that I need to switch out both the toner and the imaging drum. Still no fix.

What I found, that was mentioned nowhere, is that the feeder from the tray can be the issue. When I flipped the printer over the blue paper intake hinge on bottom was not in place. Somehow it stripped the wheel that drove the intake. Since I dont do those types of fixes I recommended that they just go with printing from the manual feed or get a new printer all together.

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