Dream #0015133P

I wake up startled. Heavy breaths like screaming to ears. Frightened I look ferociously around to find anything familiar. Nothing is found. I know that whatever I just woke from was as far from a cuddly litter of puppies as you can get. I look for a weapon, defense. I see a bar in the corner of the the door way directly in front of me. I run for it. Just as I am at the bar, I see someone. I grab it and take a stance.

The figure is a girl maybe 10 years old. She is slightly less startled than myself. In stance I get a better look of everything around me. I see that shortly behind me there is a explosion of white sheets on the floor next to a metal framed bed that looks straight out of a 70′s hospital. I am in a normal wood floored house. Maybe two stories high by the view of the window. Across the wood floor in front of me the girl stands. At closer look she may be a preteen by a year or four. I can’t really tell under her “very used” knitted jacket and unwashed face. She has fierce eyes, eyes that show experience and survival. Still observing I see she is holding a knife. Small but large enough to stop a large guy, like myself. She speaks. “You’re awake.” She is stern but yet gentle in her armature.

“When did I sleep?” a pause.

“Why did I?..” I seem to say these words out loud but more so a question for my inner thoughts.

“I don’t know.” She responded gathering my attention again.

“I found you here. I couldn’t just leave you here.” Both of us still have no idea what each others motives are.

“How long?”

She shoots a glance towards the choked hallway shortly down the larger hallway that we were holding our dueling stance. “About a month and a half is how long I’ve been here.” She counts in her head.

“I don’t know how long someone can be in a coma for without food and empty IV but you looked close to the end.”

This little girl has been taking care of me? Why would she do that? I feel in a position of gratitude and my superior size allows me to change my stance. I lay the bar back in its resting place. She still stands with a firm grip on the knife but released her flight or fight tension. “Thank you.”

“Yeah.” A short response.

“What are you doing here?” Still grasping for answers.

“Is this your house?” Neither of us know who’s place this is.

“Someone must have brought me in this house. I don’t know where I am.”

“well it wasn’t me. I don;t know if you’ve noticed but no way could I carry you up some stairs.” Attitude, ha.

“You fed me then? How do you know how to do that?”

“Instructions in the kitchen. I found it and used it. You must have gotten hungry.”

I am. Maybe that was what woke me up.

We introduce ourselves. I am a normal early-twenty year old standing at a tall 6’8″ and a jokingly light 300lbs. Her name is )%!$+:{]”:. She is taller for her age standing about 5’6″ and is newly a teenager. She has light brown eyes and mid-back length brown hair pulled into a pony tail. She is wearing a splash of clothes. Most likely what ever she can find. Our introductions are short and after a small tour of the house we end pu in the 1st floors living room. She releases the knife. Less stress for both.

“What do you remember?”

“I dont know I haven’t really had time to think about it.”

“Well do it now.” she says with interest.

I get into a focused mode. Like rewinding a video I go back to when I woke up. The video stops. A Black screen.

)%!$+:{]”: asks “anything about the Gorarg?” A flash of memory comes to me.

Movement all around me like a group of startled birds. There is a deafening in my ears, everything is being drowned out, slowly, sinking. Now on the floor, my view is now of a horizon of shuffling feet. My vision is fading. I am only able to feel my heavy breaths before everything goes black. Something big just happened. What did I do? That was my vision shortly before I wake.

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