Dream #00F457F3W

Introduction: watched fast and furious 6 at the last showing last night it is most likely the reason for the dream being that I am not me but instead a dangerous bad ass.

Dream stArts off in a shady parking lot meeting between me and a couple of other fellas. In this dream I have apparently kept the physical height that I would normally be but more buffed up like vin in the movie.
The smaller of the two starts talking to me. The conversation is short and to the point about my employment. I refuse to back down. The larger if the two takes a quick conversation ending swing which I manage to back up in time. The swing was a cross allowing me to keep directing his swing away from me and opens him up to an elbow to the ribs, jab to the nose stumbling him back just enough to spartan kick him while pushing myself back over a box. The smaller man had apparently tried to blind side me just before the kick but as I was falling back he became even more open than the first. As soon as I’m on my back I am able to worm my way to give a knee breaker from the side.
Before either of them are able to rebuttal I get up and make my way to my car not to far from the meet. When gettin to it it is like seeing the car for the first time again. It’s a sleek big grilled car reminiscent of a Aston or Audi and has the still beauty of a tuner. The color is a change-as-you-move black and dark blue. I hop in hearing the closing pittle pattle of the two unhappy customers. The car sounds like an evil daemon from the greatest depths. I burn off before they are able to draw their pistols but I can still hear their shitting marksmanship.
I take a trip home. Home is a dark house in the middle of the street that looks to serve family often.

Edit: there was something about coming home to a lady friend that is one of those faceless characters that you cant remember and there being drama about her and a blonde that may or may not have interest in me but is only a friend.

Note: There are soo many mistakes in every part of typing on this but I am leaving it… To piss off all those who like to correct engrish. PS I love u.

CrappyUpkeeping: I never posted this apparently the app that was set up to post this the next day never worked. So the was originally put up (hiding) on Jun, 16th of this year. Its odd that I read this now after the passing of one of the stars of the Fast series, Paul Walker. I will miss him as an actor and a good person(after researching who he really was).

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