Dream #00WH4TW3D

Micheal and myself are on a trip to a remote destination. We arrive and are there for a reason; for an important job. We get our island stylish straw hats and Hawaii shirts on then move out. My phone has our mission objectives (much like the field agent app). Now having instructions that were never seen or heard it is time to do the morning routine!

In a hotel-ish room with no beds there is a massive tv on one wall and a small table with two chairs on the other. The room has a empty but is filled with noise from all the cracks and layers of paint exposed on the walls and ceiling. Furthermore the room is filled with the sound of a humming osculating fan but not for long. I turn on the TV from the opposite wall at the tiny table. The Screen is warming up and is black for now(<-actual thoughts) I look tiredly across the tiny table. Mike has set up shop with a cup of coffee, a newspaper, and a fancy hat like myself. The TV kicks in with the speakers turn to warm up and tune in. What do I see? It’s my favorite show, DNews! I look around in excitement that a great internet show got on the air. No reaction from my surroundings just the fan. I continue watching. Laci is on and is wearing some kind of odd black outfit. She is excited to share some news. She got a position on Mars1! She explains how amazing of a chance this is and what the draw backs will be. She is happy and wants to keep us along for the ride as she prepares to go to the red planet. Episode over, TV is back to black. Time to get to work.

We head out and go to a little dinner. Its a typical Cuban looking restaurant that you would she in the movies. Our job here is…. Oh wait its over and time to go? Okay, back to the room.

We get up to the tiny table room. Mike disappears to change outfits. I look on the table, there is a laptop. I open it up. Zach is on skype, I should see what hes up to. Zach answers. We exchange greetings and I move straight to his new mustache only face. He looks grown up, whats going on? I start feeling confused. He is telling me how he is here to do something very important and shows me a raffle looking ticket and asks me if I can fix the TV the is behind him. I realize that it is the cafe downstairs. I tell him that I am headed down to see him.

I enter the small cafe and we get reacquainted. We head outside and Jeff and Megan are here. Wait. Zach, Jeff, and Megan are all dressed up! What the hell. Mike comes from the side and is dressed up too! I asked why I didn’t know and how I didn’t know. Everyone separately shrugged and went about having a wedding ceremony right in front of our building, on a cobblestone pathway. Everyone is there. Shane, Curtis, Romos’, all the parents of the group, and my sweetie by my side… Wow this is cool, good for them. But still why in the hell wasn’t I able to be able to wear a tux like I should have.

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