I like useful gadgets

I do appreciate people sending gadgets to us for doing our job. This is a nice addition to tools.

The drive is as you have seen is a 500 GB, USB 3.0, and is a small factor holding a nice 2.5″ drive inside.

This is the first that I have got that is this small. My other USB 3 gadgets are normal size with normal connections. This one comes with a micro USB 3 to normal USB. The Micro USB 3 is kinda funny. On the large side of the micro connector there is the 5 pin configuration. On the smaller side there is the extra 5 pins. I don’t know why they chose to make it look the way it does but it feels odd to me. I hope this will work well and stay around for a while. If not I will definitely crack this one open if it bricks after its warranty.

This brings me to its use. Even though we are ahead of a lot of companies with upgrading %90 percent of our machines to Windows 7, we don’t have any desktop computers that have a USB 3. We do however have servers that do.  Which was really nice when gathering local image copies from Symantec Ghost. Walk away talk for maybe 15 min and have a couple dozen images ready.

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