Kindle Error


In the midst of Mobile Device Management not a lot of devices have a great solution yet. Managing a boat load of Kindles can be a bit easier using Amazon’s own whispercast. Check out if you have many Kindles you need to control.

Where I work it turned out that these random Kindles everywhere were registered to many people. To put them into a Master account they all need to be deregistered. I encountered a problem while doing this. The error was “Error: Internal Error”. Well no duh kindle, I was not the problem. I don’t know what is actually causing this problem but I found a couple ways to resolve the issue of not being able to deregister.

First, reset the whole device. This is a quick and easy answer to your problem. Remember, back up before you do anything that changes your kindle!

The other way is to just contact whispercast themselves. They understood and within about 4-6 hours of me sending out a email to them I got a response. All they needed was some of the serial numbers and they deregistered them from the backend in just under a hour.

I hope this helps anyone that is looking for this error and is having a hard time on deciding on what to do next.

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