Scanner Driver error

Problem: When you open the Precision Scan Pro software, it says “Error applying settings to driver”. Also, When you put in a document and press the scan button on the device, it opens a grey preview screen and says it couldn’t initialize.

This is a particularly easy answer but hard to explain to some but first some troubleshooting. One of the first things to always try is to uninstall software and reinstall it (if you still have the software). When that and a good restart doesn’t do the trick the driver may be bad so try and let windows install one on its own by simply unplugging and plugging back in. This is not a case where that worked.

After letting windows search for a driver and doesn’t find one, I took to the HP’s website to look for a driver. On HP’s product support page no driver is available and they clearly state that windows vista and newer are not supported, meaning you will never get a driver.

Now this point some may try to rig the newest version of the driver to work but best case is to have them replace it. Chances are if Windows Vista and newer are not supported it is a pretty old product and most likely will cost more to have you working on a solution than to just go buy a new one. Some are attached to their old peripherals but when they try even some of the cheapest new products they will be delighted. So, dont drag out the replacement of old tech and get rid of those legacy items!

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