Upgrading To IE9 Using Switches

If you want to install IE9 with special conditions, you can do it through command line switches. For example I am using a agent called KACE to run the executable for IE9 and I want to be able to install without user input, without a restart, and without slowing down the network by updating on the spot, I would use the switches /passive /no-restart /update-no. Here is a list of Internet Explorer 9 silent install switches for unattended setup:


Displays this document.


Run the installation without any input from the user.


Supposed to be Identical to /passive but did not continue install by itself for me.


Do not check for Internet Explorer updates.


Reserved for Internet Explorer Administration Kit use.


Reserved for Internet Explorer Administration Kit use.


Close programs automatically to allow installation without rebooting the system.


Do not restart after installation has completed.


If a restart is required after installation, restart automatically.


Create a log file at :<path>.


Extract the installation package contents at :<path>

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